Mergers & Acquisitions


HFC provides exceptional sell-side advice to private firms seeking to sell their company or divest assets/business segments and plan a successful transition with senior level resources and personalized attention dedicated to each transaction. We know you care about your business, you care about your people, that is why finding the right buyer demands more than just financial acumen, it takes a deep understanding of the market and dedication to achieve your goals, that are not just measured on returns.

  • Evaluate the merits of divesting a particular asset
  • Conduct due diligence on potential buyers
  • Optimize participants mix in the bidding process
  • Assess the sales value you can expect to achieve
  • Provide data-driven support for tough buyer negotiations
  • Anticipate the operational challenges of closing the deal
  • Look ahead at market changes that might drive the need to divest
  • Set up a purposeful framework for future divestitures — including regular evaluations of potential candidates and organized responses to unsolicited offers




Our experience and broad relationships in the region make us the ideal consultant to help you identify appropriate targets, perform an effective valuation analysis, structure an offer, and conduct skillful negotiations leading to a successful close. We can help you strategize about future growth plans, review in detail all the synergies, understand the impact of a geographic expansion or a vertical integration, making the most of your targeted acquisition/integration.




Know what you’re buying. Whether it’s a cross-border merger of industry giants, the integration of a small business operating in an adjacent market or a potential joint venture, you have a responsibility to validate your assumptions, and to ensure a deep understanding of the opportunities and risks and the implications for value, before the deal goes through. The stakes are too high to simply rely on the target company’s claims.
An important part of any due diligence investigation is to examine the strategic fit. What’s the target company’s market like? Competitive position? Potential to affect the value of your overall enterprise? The answers to these and other questions demand primary qualitative and quantitative research into the business under consideration.
We can help you with any part of your due diligence strategy:

  • Evaluate the attractiveness of the target market.
  • Market development.
  • Product mix, pricing and distribution channels.
  • Regulatory environment.
  • Customer perceptions and demand.
  • Analyze the target company’s competitive position in areas such as:
    • Entry and exit barriers.
    • Competitive dynamics.
    • Product innovation and performance.
    • Marketing and sales performance.
    • Identify key opportunities for revenue enhancement and cost reduction.
    • Validate the target company’s business plan, including top-line revenue and operational margin.
    • Assess potential risks of market concentration or similar regulatory issues (antitrust, Competition Commission in the UK, ACCC, etc.).
    • Forecast opportunities using a series of market scenarios to quantify how market changes could impact a deal’s value.
    • Assess risks and rewards to deepen the understanding of market variables.
    • Provide relevant research before completing any transaction.



  • Evaluate market and geographic segments for untapped business opportunities.
  • Review and screen relevant markets in detail.
  • Identify potential targets for acquisition based on existing strategic objectives.
  • Make initial deal introductions and support early-phase activities.




Use a structured post-merger integration approach to capture revenue, cost and capital synergies. However, on average, mergers and acquisitions tend to destroy shareholder value. This can be driven by a multitude of causes, including:

  • Not defining a clear M&A strategy — clarity as to whether the deal is intended to drive growth, harness capabilities or optimize on cost and scale.
  • Embarking on a deal without preparing your organization ahead of time.
  • Overpaying — arriving at a price for the target that is not grounded in the market or operational realities of the business.
  • Underestimating the complexity and timing associated with achieving synergies.
  • Instituting a disciplined, structured post-merger integration approach focused on deal value drivers.
  • Capturing the learnings and developing a competency in M&A.




With a large number of relationships with key players (healthcare-focused private equity, venture capital, and lending organizations including international and local banks and leasing companies) that understand and are interested in investing in the Latin America region, HFC is uniquely positioned to identify the right capital partner to support your company’s growth objectives, acquisition-related financings, recapitalizations, and shareholder restructuring.




HFC can provide you and your partners with a valuation opinion based on a specific in-depth analysis of your company, considering the historical performance, current standing, market trends and projections, using financial valuation methodologies with a deep understanding of your market.




With access to the owners, top management and other decision makers across the healthcare industry, HFC can help you by providing referrals to new business opportunities, including strategic partnerships, customer introductions, and other ventures and growth initiatives.